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Sue Mackinnon

Sue Mackinnon

Media Projects and Engagement Co-ordinator at KWMC. Journalist with an interest in environmental and health issues and working within the heart of communities.


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18 June 2014

Mobile Tattoo Parlour in Knowle West

The Mobile Tattoo Parlour travelled to The Park today with people queuing to have their tattoos photographed for an arts project. The arts project is being run by Knowle West Media Centre - looking at the stories behind the tattoos. They will all be displayed on a website and in an exhibition in September. From first love to Zombie sharks and satanic devil horns to hip-hop band names they have all been recorded for the online Knowle West archive. KWMC Arts assistant programme producer Luke Gregg said: "We have had a lot of tigers and some fantastic artwork. We've already photographed almost 100 tattoos and are looking forward to some more great stories from the community." Kerry Pollard (26) who had a Cleopatra on her arm said: "I just like Egyptian mythology and I have Horus on the back of my arms. I had my first tattoo when I was 15 - but they didn't know my real age and they didn't ask for ID. It's on my stomach of stars and blossams - and I've been having them ever since." The exhibition will be at re:work in Filwood 19 and 20 June and at KWMC on Saturday 21 June. Next week look out for it at Inns Court 24 and 25 June. Visit

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