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Sue Mackinnon

Sue Mackinnon

Media Projects and Engagement Co-ordinator at KWMC. Journalist with an interest in environmental and health issues and working within the heart of communities.


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29 September 2015

Happy and Active in Knowle West 2015

The annual Happy and Active in Knowle West event took place at Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC) today - as part of the two week Celebrating Age festival. Organised by KWMC and Knowle West Health Park, the event was to showcase a variety of taster activities across the area for the over 55s. More than 100 people came in blazing sunshine to enjoy a singing session, tea dance and art activities as well as a digital skills class, armchair exercise and acupuncture. They were also treated to afternoon tea and home made pancakes. Thanks to all who came to enjoy a wonderful afternoon.
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